Friday, 19 December 2014

custom family illustration

i love working with each and every one of my clients, whether they're new or returning, i love the challenge that every little or large project brings. one of my favourite things is being approached for completely custom illustration work, which is what i was asked for in this instance. andy wanted a family portrait but with a difference: a huge piece depicting him and his family and their passions, including bike riding and horse riding, active within their home town (sunny colchester). i included little landmarks as well as illustrations of their family homes.

it was a big challenge for me as it was the first single illustration of this size i'd ever taken on (there's a reason i'm called tinysketchbook...) but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

paper plane films

never one to turn away a hand lettering project, here is the final logo i created for sparkly new wedding videography company paper plane films, based in essex. they provided me with examples of typography they liked, and i created something as close to the examples as possible, obviously making it totally individual to the company using hand drawn type.

handmade heart

although the majority of my work now ends up being a digital product, my heart still secretly lies with the handmade. every illustration i create starts out as a pencil drawing and so during the downtime when i am not creating for clients and want to create for myself, i have in recent months taken up painting to keep my handmade heart happy.

in an unexpected but wonderful little twist, whilst sharing these (and other) personal paintings on instagram, i have since been commissioned by various people to paint custom portraits. i am thrilled at this different path my illustration career is taking. another string to the bow, as my papa would say.