Monday, 30 December 2013


a selection of christmassy design and illustration for a variety of clients.


the first of a small personal project inspired by the strong and brilliant women of doctor who.


the bull pub in colchester approached me asking for a complete redesign on the marketing material used in the bar. they wanted their posters to stand out from one another, but to still feel cohesive and part of a collection.


a halloween special for ipswich-based ice cream parlour rara's.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


a logo design and rebrand for the cake topper loveliness that is brave as love.


yellow submarine inspired wall mural painted at twisters bar.


a simple flyer design for a special night hosted by the chaps at ice breaker promotions.


a simple and earthy logo design for a new publishing company. more details to come.


a sweet and sugary logo created as a rebrand for cake company sticky fingers co.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


it's not often i really see my work past the computer eventually gets printed somehow, usually in the form of posters or leaflets (and once a minibus), but this is the first time one of my illustrations has been used in such a unique way. my favourite burlesque ladies and regular client helles belles put on another cracker of a show at the red lion hotel not long ago, and the lovely holly high heels (essex's answer to marilyn monroe) asked me to create a portrait of her to use in one of her performances. how fun and effective is this?! love it. all photographs taken by just jaq photography.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


i recently finished working on a branding and illustration project for a new company specialising in custom stamps. i got to create the brand identity as well as design a whole range of stamps, so not only was it a lovely new challenge as i'd never done anything of the sort before, it was also lovely to work so closely with the owner and see the brand develop as our ideas did. i'm waiting until it's up-and-running until i upload it to my proper portfolio, but for now, here is the logo. i can't wait to share more at a later date!


an illustration about google glass that i did for the ongoing A-Z of Technology project.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


i've recently just finished off a couple of t-shirt designs for essex-based ska band new town kings. the brief was perfect for me (i.e. i thoroughly enjoyed every second) and the band were lovely to work with. i can't wait to show off the finished articles!

Saturday, 30 March 2013


a new illustration for ipswich-based dessert restaurant RaRa's, as they're adding waffles to their menu. i always have so much fun drawing this lady :)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

elves & ovens

i've just recently wrapped up a big illustration project working with elves and ovens, producing a logo and illustrations for their new website. they are a children's party and catering/events company, and were an absolutely treat to work with. you can view the whole project on my portfolio here, or visit their website where you can view the illustrations in situ here.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


don't forget you can follow the collaborative project i'm currently working on with matthew knight over at The A-Z of Technology!


last month i was commissioned by the beautiful janine of lesley's girls to create a vintage 1940s-feel poster to tie in with her husband's birthday celebrations. the party was CHAP themed (think: moustaches and tweed ahoy!), so i drew the birthday fella in a style evocative of the illustrations of that era, and paired him up with some nice letterpress-style fonts. tally ho!

p.s. janine wrote a wonderful blog post about the party, you can read it here. the photographs accompanying the post are particularly delightful!

Monday, 25 February 2013


february has been one of those strange months that you expect to be really quiet and then everything sneaks up on you and you suddenly find yourself at the end of the month thinking what the hell just happened and why is my face so grey. my day job has been manic, and my freelancing has been manic. i can't complain, being this busy leaves me feeling exhausted but extremely content at feeling like i've actually accomplished something.

so let me show you what i've been working on this month. the illustration above is taken from a project i started working on with matthew knight called the a-z of technology. the project is a blog collaboration, wherein each week matthew writes an article on a particular technology, and i illustrate it.

ABOVE: here's a cheeky little flyer i made for them lovely boys over at ice breaker promotions. yes, i'm hugely biased, but they've been successfully hosting gigs for and promoting local and student bands for over two years now, that one must give credit where credit's due.

ABOVE: a fun logo i was asked to create for crafty up-cyclers cheeky tiki island. their creations are beautiful, daft and completely unique, i highly recommend a little visit!

ABOVE: le gasp! a tiny preview of a private commission i was asked to make earlier this month. that's all you're getting of that one for now ;)

ABOVE: something a little way away from my usual illustration produced for a 2-in-1 split poster design for lakeside theatre. see the full poster design here on my portfolio.

ABOVE: lastly for now, a little character from a big project i've just begun with elves and ovens, as part of a brand overhaul.

as well as that, in the last week i have also taken on two other projects, one branding/logo based and the other band merch based, but i'll wait until i've finished them to show them off :) thank you for reading - phew!

Sunday, 3 February 2013


i recently watched the first season of new girl frightening quickly. i am in love with jess day's wardrobe and attitude towards life. i doodled her quickly this morning as a warm up illustration.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


for my work's secret santa, the challenge was to design and print a t-shirt for one another (we work in a t-shirt print shop). my "giftee" is in colchester-based band gulls, so my design is a pile of silliness based around that.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


here is a little post dedicated briefly to the labels i designed for the christmas hampers jack & i made for our families last month. not really a thing, but i had fun creating these so i wanted to share them.
we made everything from scratch - limoncello, tomato chutney, strawberry jam, marshmallow twizzlers and loads more. it was the first time we had made a lot of these, but everything turned out superbly and our parents loved their gifts :)


i was more than pleased to help out when local charity the robin cancer trust asked me to submit a piece of art for an auction to help raise money. the brief was completely open and we could produce whatever we wanted. i chose to illustrate a line from fleetwood mac's landslide.
the auction itself was postponed from last year until this year. watch this space.


would you look at this little fella! why is he so concerned and bespectacled? he's a flipping seagull! he is from an illustration i started and finished today. he is also part of a present so i can't reveal him until the present has been given.


another poster from last november, this time for my favourite burlesquer's scratch night. this involved some more presenting of lots of text nicely on a page, but i naughtied (new word? new word.) it up with some cheeky pins.


a simple poster design i was asked by CMPA Live! to create for their november/december schedule. i do enjoy the challenge of trying to organise a lot of text, nicely, in a small space.

on a side note: hello! i appear to have got completely swept up in the jolly nice month-long party that is christmas time. and so, welcome to a huge back-log of ~last year's~ work.

here's to 2013! maybe i'll learn to capitalise at the start of sentences this year.