Tuesday, 8 January 2013


for my work's secret santa, the challenge was to design and print a t-shirt for one another (we work in a t-shirt print shop). my "giftee" is in colchester-based band gulls, so my design is a pile of silliness based around that.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


here is a little post dedicated briefly to the labels i designed for the christmas hampers jack & i made for our families last month. not really a thing, but i had fun creating these so i wanted to share them.
we made everything from scratch - limoncello, tomato chutney, strawberry jam, marshmallow twizzlers and loads more. it was the first time we had made a lot of these, but everything turned out superbly and our parents loved their gifts :)


i was more than pleased to help out when local charity the robin cancer trust asked me to submit a piece of art for an auction to help raise money. the brief was completely open and we could produce whatever we wanted. i chose to illustrate a line from fleetwood mac's landslide.
the auction itself was postponed from last year until this year. watch this space.


would you look at this little fella! why is he so concerned and bespectacled? he's a flipping seagull! he is from an illustration i started and finished today. he is also part of a present so i can't reveal him until the present has been given.


another poster from last november, this time for my favourite burlesquer's scratch night. this involved some more presenting of lots of text nicely on a page, but i naughtied (new word? new word.) it up with some cheeky pins.


a simple poster design i was asked by CMPA Live! to create for their november/december schedule. i do enjoy the challenge of trying to organise a lot of text, nicely, in a small space.

on a side note: hello! i appear to have got completely swept up in the jolly nice month-long party that is christmas time. and so, welcome to a huge back-log of ~last year's~ work.

here's to 2013! maybe i'll learn to capitalise at the start of sentences this year.