Friday, 13 January 2012

hello twenty-twelve

happy new year! i didn't make any new years resolutions, as i'm a firm believer that if you want to change something about your lifestyle/try something new/accomplish new things, then why not just do it. but if i did make one, it should probably be to blog smaller blogs & more often, instead of MASSIVE BLOGS & once on a blue moon, as i am wont to do.

regardless, here are some more things i have been making! above is an illustration i produced as part of the redesign of the 'complaints, comments and compliments' leaflet for colchester institute.

this little fella is a new t-shirt design i did for work. you can buy it here, in my little section of the shop (ooh-err!): my icon art & clothing.

this year for our little group's secret santa, i got katie of paint it rouge fame, so for a lovely extra-personalised gift i created a crafty illustration and stuck it on a mug (another perk of my day job!) for her, as i know she's a bit partial to a nice cuppa. craft-tacular!

...well at least it wasn't an axe.

(eleven of us partook in this year's secret santa. four of us got axes. is it funnier if i leave it out of context? yes, yes it is.)

another lovely thing that happened is that those delightful folk at colchester circle magazine did a little feature on me! not only am i chuffed to be a part of their frankly gorgeous new-look mag, but they have also been super nice :') you can read the latest issue online here (i'm on pg 26 if you're interested).

lastly, and so this isn't just another sporadic blog post full of silly drawings & equally silly shenanigans, the lovely heather & i went for a jaunt to the minories gallery in colchester today to see a charming little exhibition on the work of abram games. if you have twenty minutes to spare it is well worth a look, his work is bloody good. it's on until saturday 18th february this year. GO!