Tuesday, 13 March 2012


just a quick little post. i wish i could be more careful with this blog rather than using it as a dumping ground. i guess it is just something i need to practice and be more disciplined with.

first up (top image, and below) is a logo and flyer for the up-and-coming junk jamboree in colchester. i am genuinely gutted that i won't be around for the event (i have to be at work at the shop), it looks like it's going to be so cute!

second up is another flyer for them lovely fellas at ice breaker promotions (i may be a little biased) - they recently took on the very exciting move to a shiny new venue in town (RELAUNCH TOMORROW!) so they wanted a new flyer to go with it. jack & gary are doing absolute wonders for the town's local music scene & i'm super proud of them, as well as really chuffed to be a little part of it.

lastly, and i hate to be one of those illustrators who are all like I AM WORKING ON SUCH A COOL PROJECT RIGHT NOW BUT I CAN'T SHOW YOU, but. you guys. i am working on such a cool project right now but, and i'm sorry, but i can't show you (not at least until it's finished and what-not). but here's a preview! you know those jobs where you can't believe this is a job because you're enjoying it so much? yeah, that.

i'm not taking on any more commissions for the next month or so as i'm (fingers crossed) moving out next month and want the transition to be as smooth and stress free as possible, so things may be a little quiet around here. rest assured i will be back and hopefully (maybe) if i'm a lucky, with a fancy new studio space! ta-ra!

Friday, 2 March 2012


i've been really excited to tell everyone about this project, and it finally got signed off to print last week so i can finally share it! i've really enjoyed working on this.

last year the lovely nial of harrington moncrieff asked if i would provide the illustrations for an invite and programme for the kids charity KIDS 2012 fundraising gala. i loved the little challenge of working with a strict colour palette to echo the KIDS branding.

if i manage to get my hands on copies of the finished items i'll be sure to share them.