Tuesday, 2 August 2011

you will be knackered

good friend & client jamie moakes has been cycling up to edinburgh this week to support his show, you will be rare. starting out at colchester last monday (25th july), he has already done over 500 miles and should be arriving in edinburgh any time within the next hour.

here he is outside of colchester arts centre on monday, along with sam epps, who took part in the cycle alongside him.

you can read the latest newsletter on his journey here and go HERE if you are kind enough to spare £1 or even a little bit more to support him on this mammoth task and to fund the show.

he's done really really well, so Jamie, when you read this eventually, congratulations! :)

you will be rare will be on at the edinburgh fringe from the 5th to the 29th august - you can buy tickets here. i've seen the show four times in it's various stages & i'm still thoroughly entertained every time, so i can do nothing but highly highly recommend it to everyone.

follow jamie & his escapades on twitter: @youwillberare

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