Sunday, 28 August 2011

colchester free festival

yesterday was the second annual colchester free festival and boy was it a success! the sun was shining, the bands sounded great and the people were happy.

i spent the morning helping the lovely folk at 15 queen st set up their area by sign-writing, then moved onto the kidstival area where i tried my hand at face painting for the first time in my life (every child i got was a girl and every one of them wanted a butterfly - thankfully i knew what butterflies looked like otherwise i would've been in big trouble!), then finally went on stage where i attempted to play frankly the most ridiculous game of 'consequences' of all time. my lovely friend kathryn ran around the audience getting the kids to suggest animals to draw until the final piece resembled some sort of horrifying and whimsical mash-up of creatures. it was all good fun though. can't wait until next year! :)

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