Monday 7 September 2015

You Will Be Rare: The Book (Part II)

I also got my hands on a copy of the You Will Be Rare companion book published a few months ago. To find out more about the project and to see more photographs of the book please visit my website.


After much faffing this side of the pond thanks to the the terrible postal service - ASSUMPTIONS FINALLY ARRIVED! It's so incredibly exciting to actually hold a copy of this game. You can see a few more photos of the illustrations I did over on my website, and you can find out more about the game/purchase your own copy at


Development work for a logo design, in collaboration with Ashleigh Godsmark Graphic Design.

Kit Magazine: Virgo

Online fashion and lifestyle magazine Kit Magazine commissioned me to create an illustration to accompany their Virgo horoscope feature. The brief was extremely open, they just asked for a "beautiful maiden". They were also kind enough to interview me and share my work as part of their ongoing Illustrators Portfolio feature. Thank you, Kit Magazine!

ABC of Disaster Prep: PREVIEW

Preview from an internal project for Portland-based digital agency Oblio. Oh, am I ever excited about sharing the full 26 illustrations (plus landing page). Here's "C" ;)

Anna Hughes

I recently finished working with author Anna Hughes, on a series of maps which she wanted refreshed and updated for the second edition publication of her book 'Eat, Sleep, Cycle: A Bike Ride Around the Coast of Britain'. She requested that the maps look "like a drawing", rather than computerised/digitally created. The illustrations are based on sketches that she sent over as references. There are 5 maps in total, following her route around the coast of Britain.

Data Zoo

A few zoo animals from an online book I'm currently involved in about data science. Luckily for me, I don't have to understand the science bit, I just get to draw the cute animals. I will update again once the project is complete.

Brett Robson

Illustrations created for blogger Brett Robson. Brett had a series of blog images that she wanted turned into graphics to use on t-shirts for her online shop. She provided the photographs and asked that they be turned into "stylised" illustrations, along with decorative wording. These are the results. Fashion illustration isn't something I often have the opportunity to work on, so this job was a delight!


Bomi from DJ P.Y.K approached me as he was after a logo redesign. His ideas were quite well formed to begin with, he wanted elements from his old logo included (such as the broken record, the headphones, the ankh and the lettering), but also wanted a caricature portrait drawn in a cartoonish style with an attitude-filled expression (he sent plenty of references). He requested that the design was "bold, intricate and controversial" so that it drew people to it and made them want to find out more about his music and brand. You can find out more about DJ P.Y.K here: DK P.Y.K on Soundcloud | DJ P.Y.K on Twitter.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Lex & Tim Murphy

I've had a little extra time over the last day or two so I made two illustrations inspired by the resourceful, funny and brilliant kids of Jurassic Park (apart from when Lex is hacking the park's door locking system and the velociraptors are trying to get into the room and Ellie is trying to reach the gun with her foot Tim you could've just passed her the gun dammit)